ISBN: 978-93-85580-27-7

Meghnathbodh Kabya

by: Dr. Santosh Kumar Mandal

Meghnad Badh Kavya (Bengali: মেঘনাদবধ কাব্য- The Saga of Meghnad’s Killing) is the most famous and most acclaimed poem by the poet Michael Madhusudan Dutta. It is based on the demise of Meghnad (a.k.a. Indrajit), son of Ravana, the villain of the classic Sanskrit epic Ramayana.

It was first published in 1861, incidentally the year of birth of the Bengali author, Rabindranath Tagore, who afterwards wrote a review on it.

The ballad is divided into 9 different sargas, i.e. parts.[1] Each part exhibits different incidents. Starting from the death of Beerbahu, son of Ravana, it is continued till the sati-daha (the ancient Indian custom of burning the widows alive with the dead husband) of Prameela, Meghnad’s beloved wife.


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ISBN: 978-93-85580-27-7
Publisher: Uddalak
Publish Date: 2017
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Meet the Author
Dr. Santosh Kumar Mandal is the proprietor of Uddalak Publishing House. In the formative period, he was a bright and hardworking student. He had a strong desire to learn. He spent many times on his studies. After post graduating in Bengali from Rabindra Bharati University he qualified SLET and NET with JRFin 1996. Next year He joined in the Deptt. of Bengali in Rabindra Bharati University as a UGC Research Fellow and was called ‘budding professor’ . He chose Tagore Literature as the research field. In 2001 he was awarded Ph.D for researching the topic ‘Rabindranather Vraman Sahitya : Prachya O Pratichya’. In the researching period he wrote some literary essays with new aspects and published a literary magazine named ‘UDDALAK’ since 2001. He was well-known to all renowned persons of Bengali Literature for the magazine and his writing skills. He started his career as a Professor in 2001 at Sarojini Naidu College, Kolkata; but for his high ambition, he could not stay there for a long time . Within less than a year, he joined in the Deptt. of Bengali in Vidyasagar University. But professorship could not match with luck. He cameback and started a new vision as a writer and publisher. He wrote and edit more than 30 books and published himself. Now Uddalak Publishing House is a growing organisation. He has also established an organisation named ‘Bangla Bhasha O Sahitya Charcha Academy’ for coaching NET/SET and SLST candidates. Now he is not only a publisher, writer and professor all by himself, but also is a renowned maker of teacher and professor to the new generation.

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