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Genesis and Development of Visva Bharati: Tagore’s Educational Experiments

by: Prof.Debiprasanna Mukherjee

A number of educational institutions emerged in India during National Educational Movements in the early 20th century to bring back Indianness and restore national character. Visva-Bharati is such an Institution that stood on its own faith and ideals for nearly two decades during Tagore’s lifetime, not receiving any financial help from the colonial govenment. A number of great scholars and educationists from different parts of the globe joined hands with Tagore to give shape to the unique ideals of running the institution, keeping in view the psychological, social, intellectual and ultimately humanistic principles of educating children and young people.





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ISBN: 978-93-85580-24-6
Publisher: Uddalak
Publish Date: 2016
Page Count: 81

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