ISBN: 978-93-85580-19-2

Bedantyagrantha Bedantasar o uponisad Sangraha

by: Raja Rammohan Roy

Published by Santosh Kumar Mandal on behalf of Uddalak Publishing House Kolkata – 49 & printed by Nabaloke press.


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ISBN: 978-93-85580-19-2
Publisher: Uddalak
Publish Date: 2016
Page Count:

Meet the Author
Ram Mohan Roy. Raja Ram Mohan Roy (22 May 1772 – 26 September 1833) was the founder of the Brahmo Sabha movement in 1828, which engendered the Brahmo Samaj, an influential social-religious reform movement. His influence was apparent in the fields of politics, public administration and education as well as religion.

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